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The Jenkinsons 'EXPERIENCE'

At Mahirs Experience, we are thrilled to collaborate with Jenkinsons Caterers, creating a seamless fusion of expertise that brings authentic Indian cuisine to life across Jenkinson’s exclusive venue portfolio.

Booked directly with Jenkinsons Caterers, our exclusive partnership empowers Jenkinsons to offer a culinary experience like no other, where Mahirs Experience takes charge of crafting exquisite Indian dishes, and Jenkinsons Caterers expertly finish, serve and deliver your event across their fabulous & extensive venue portfolio.

This alliance guarantees a harmonious blend of flavours and services, ensuring that every event becomes a memorable celebration of taste and elegance.

Together, we redefine the boundaries of catering, combining the best of both worlds to deliver an unparalleled experience for all our clients.

For further information about any of the fabulous venues below, please complete the short form below and a member of the team at Jenkinsons Caterers will be in touch.

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