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Our culinary heritage

Founded by visionary brothers Ajmer and Mahir Sahota, our journey began with a humble Indian delicatessen that quickly became a beloved local eatery. The demand for our authentic sweets and savouries led to a natural expansion into catering, transforming us into one of the region’s leading Indian event caterers & food manufacturing companies. From intimate functions to grand affairs, our culinary maestros cater to diverse events, maintaining a commitment to quality Indian cuisine.

Today, Mahirs Experience is more than a business; it’s a family legacy. Key roles are still held by the original family members, ensuring our dedication to authenticity endures. Our kitchens are a haven for artisan family cooks, preserving generations of know-how and recipes. Each dish is a masterpiece, combining traditional and contemporary methods, maintaining the essence that made us a local gem.

Our commitment extends to sourcing premium ingredients, collaborating with local and global suppliers who guarantee a continuous supply of top-quality ingredients.

At Mahirs Experience, our food story is a celebration of heritage, passion, and a commitment to excellence that has spanned generations.

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